Google Advertising Guide (AdWords) Tutorial

Google Advertising Adwords

Google Advertising Guide (AdWords) Tutorial | In this comprehensive Google Advertising (AdWords) guide this time, you can follow several important steps to become a pro search marketer. Let us first identify what Google AdWords is!

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is an online marketing tool in the form of an advertising platform provided by Google. Google Advertising can enable you to install target customers based on keywords, topics, time and of course location. You can also advertise without worry because you just have to adjust to what marketing budget you have.

If you are still confused, here is a simple explanation! You type keywords on the Google search engine first. For example, you type in "contemporary women's shoes". Then, you check at the very top on the search results page (SERP). If there is an "ad" on the page snippet displayed, that's the result of Google AdWords services.

What are the benefits of Google AdWords?
Google is the biggest giant search engine, and of course there will be a myriad of benefits that you can get from this Google AdWords advertising service. The advantage of using AdWords is the product / service that you want to advertise will automatically appear on the first page of Google. Of course you know that Google users will access the first page more than the next pages. In addition, there are still many other benefits that can be obtained. Here is an explanation of the various benefits!

You can increase web traffic in a targeted manner
AdWords uses PPC (Pay per Click) calculations to add to the advertising costs that you install and how much your ad rates will automatically be converted to visitors based on click prices. For example, you put an ad with 50 thousand rupiah per day and click rates of 1000 rupiah per click. So, you will get around 50 clicks per visitor calculated from 50,000 divided by 1000.

You can get visitors that fit your niche
AdWords when displaying your ads based on targeted keywords. For example, if you have a motorbike rental business and you are targeting the keyword 'cheap motorbike rental in Bandung', the visitor who enters your website through AdWords is the one who searches according to that keyword. So, your ad will not be displayed in the keyword search results that do not match what you have targeted.

Your website's reputation can increase without damaging SEO efforts
SEO optimization is usually done by placing certain target keywords. So if you put an ad with AdWords, you don't need to worry about your SEO being destroyed. Precisely placing ads on AdWords can benefit you because search keywords that are indeed much sought after for SEO optimization will be included by Google.

Your sales turnover can increase
Official Websiite claims that placing ads on Google AdWords can increase turnover. The point is that AdWords can't really be guaranteed to increase the turnover of a product, even though AdWords has managed to increase sales turnover by around 10% to 50%. Why? Google still cannot guarantee because the increase in turnover is certainly influenced by various factors. What are the factors? For example, target keywords, daily funds, business fields, and so forth.

How does Google AdWords work?

You must be wondering how Google can determine which ads are right for displaying on a particular audience's screen. To find out, let's read the explanation that we present below!

According to the Google AdWords tutorial from the official page, there are 4 stages in the process of publishing ads on the search engine. The following are the steps:
  • You type a search query in the search field
  • Google will explore all existing ads based on quality scores, offers, ad extensions, and ad formats
  • Ads that have gone through the previous process and won the auction will be displayed by Google

How to create a PPC Campaign with Google AdWords

Before you create your PPC Campaign with Google AdWords, you need to prepare the following:
  • Budget funds per month
  • Budget of funds per day
  • Geotargeting coverage
  • List of keywords / keywords
  • A copy of the ad that is ready, includes:
    -Ad headings / ad headers (25 characters)
    -Description line 1 / description line 1 (35 characters)
    -Description line 2 / description line 2 (35 characters)
    -Display URL / URL to be displayed (35 characters)
    -Destination of the URL / destination URL (1024 characters)
    -Landing page URL / destination page
    -Landing page design
    -Picture if necessary, if you want to load the image


By reading this article, you have got a complete guide to Google Advertising. You not only know what Google AdWords is, how it works, what types, and how to create an account and PPC campaign. As the first cheap hosting provider in Indonesia that has international quality certification, we are committed to your success online. Not only does it provide the best hosting and cheap vps, we also create quality content related to business development. Please read other interesting articles like the one we have made previously titled the Google Keyword Planner Guide and Google Trends 2018. Good luck, happy to grow your business!