Here's how to write a Meta Description that is able to generate traffic

Meta Description

Here's how to write a Meta Description that is able to generate traffic | The Meta description is one of the most powerful weapons to increase traffic to a website. Basically this meta description is the brief information displayed on the search results link. However, not a few also do not know how to make an effective meta description. No need to worry, because in this paper we will review this. Here are some tricks that you can apply.

Use interesting language

The purpose of the meta description is to encourage users or readers to visit your website that appears on the search page. This is where you have to be smart using interesting language or sentences. You should write it by beginning using verbs that make someone curious.

For example, 'Search More', 'Find', 'Learn More' or 'Check Here'. Even though it looks simple, these words can make someone more interested and find out what exactly is offered. After that, you can complete your online business website page with product specifications or company descriptions for example.

Not more than 155 characters

Writing a meta description should be effective and clear. This is so that the sentence in the meta description can be read and not truncated in the search results. For this reason it is recommended to make the meta description in the range 155-160 characters. You can use certain tools to check and calculate the length and number of characters.

You can also combine it using capital letters to make readers or prospective consumers increasingly curious. An example is 'Get low prices during the promotion period'. This method from the beginning really makes the reader a teratric compared to you writing it normally.

Try using symbols and numbers

In addition to playing the letter pattern as mentioned in the previous point, the next way to make the meta description look more interesting is to use numbers and symbols. Both of these are considered capable of psychologically influencing someone's interest. You can also combine it by playing a letter pattern, which is a combination of capital letters and lowercase letters.

For example, to promote your online business products, you can write them like ‘Get CHEAP promos and 80% discounts this weekend! '. More interesting is not compared to just writing using letters? Especially using the sign percent (%), obviously this can affect visitors and potential customers.

Avoid using spam keywords
In order for the meta description that you create to increase traffic, use keywords that have the most search volume in search engines. You can use tools like Google Trends. From there you can determine which keywords are suitable and appropriate to use in the meta description.

You should also avoid using spam keywords. It is important to note that visitors click on the 'Back' button because the content is not as expected when reading the meta description. Keep in mind, do not include keywords or you enter spam keywords can be one of your biggest mistakes to increase traffic through the meta description.

Has benefits for readers

The next thing that is not less important is make a meta description that can provide a solution for readers or visitors. The purpose of the reader visiting the website page is to find information from the content that has been made. You can write down the reasons why visitors need to read the link.

When content is in accordance with what is expected, the reader will feel satisfied. Conversely, if it is not appropriate the reader will be lazy to read until it runs out or even leave the website page. Of course this will make traffic not increase and tend to decrease.

Those are some tips for writing an effective meta description and increasing traffic for your online business website. In order for an online business to be more smoothly you can choose a trusted internet service provider for convenience and security. May be useful.