7 B2B Business Content Marketing Tips

7 B2B Business Content Marketing Tips

7 B2B Business Content Marketing Tips | As a businessman, you must know that marketing strategy is to increase sales or attract as many customers as possible. This article will discuss one of the marketing strategies, namely content marketing, specifically for B2B businesses. Learn more about B2B content marketing and get B2B content marketing tips!

What is B2B?
B2B business is a term used for commercial transactions between business people, namely between assembly / production companies and distribution companies. Besides B2B types there are several types of other similar business terms such as B2C and C2C. Learn more about the two types of business and explore e-commerce by reading the complete e-commerce guide that we made before.

What is Content Marketing?
Content Marketing itself is one marketing strategy where you as a businessman plan and distribute content (can be pictures, videos, writing on blogs, etc.) to attract the right audience, then encourage that audience to become your customer.

So, if you conclude, there are actually two goals of content marketing that you do!
  • Attract people to get to know your business (products / services, excellence, etc.)
  • Encourage people to become customers (to repeat transactions)

7 B2B Content Marketing Tips with Examples

Create Attractive Content for Your Audience through the Newsletter
If you share newsletters for your subscribers, try to make the newsletter interesting. If you are looking for inspiration, here are some examples of content in the newsletter that are interesting for you to follow. One of our partners, a coworking space, EV Hive often distributes newsletters with moving GIF format images. This is certainly more interesting to read than just text.

Take note, EV Hive is a business that is engaged in the workplace rental. The average EV Hive customer consists of startup managers. Their content team provides interesting reading lists related to the development of startups in their newsletter.

In addition, you can also add reading lists from various sources that are interesting for your audience to read. You can even discuss the latest issues / news that are being warmly discussed in the section of your newsletter headline. Content like this, which is not only about promoting your product / service, it is certainly more interesting to read. This can be a form of content refresher that encourages the audience's desire to judge your brand well because you seem to care about them, not merely targeting sales through marketing your content.

Educate your audience

The audience really likes to explore the flow of information on the internet in this digital era, especially if the topics of the content you provide are related to their profession or preferences. So, try creating educational or informative content for your audience.

For example, Dewaweb as a company with a vision to succeed our customers online. So, our content must be in harmony with the vision that we believe in. We often make informative articles regarding the latest business strategy trends on our blog. You can also do education through various social media that you have. For example, like we did on our Instagram below!

Add the Diversity of Types of Media Channels from Your Content

Try not to stick to the text only when you are creating content for your audience. Especially now, people are more interested in the type of visual than verbal content. There are many types of media channels, for example if it is categorized based on social media namely Instagram and YouTube. You can manage your YouTube account for your brand like we do next!

If you notice, we often share useful tips regarding website development for our customers on the Dewaweb YouTube channel. It would be better if you add more interesting hosts to follow than just a speakerless tutorial. Also make sure your topic is in accordance with the interests of your potential potential customers. You certainly don't want to attract people without fulfilled conversion targets. Finally, don't forget to publish again on other media / social media channels of your brand.

Categorize your Buyer Persona and Manage Various Persona

When starting a business, you certainly have tried to make a picture of who your prospective buyers are. This is what is called Buyer Persona. Try to categorize your various types of buyer persona. For example, you are engaged in a joint workplace rental business or coworking space. Then your prospective customers can consist of business people, students and freelancers. Now, with these 3 types of buyer persona try to create content related to their field. Don't just focus on one category of buyers. For newsletter delivery, try to send different content that feels more personal to these categories. This of course will make your marketing campaign right on target.

Show Who Is Your Business Inspiration

Develop together with your audience / customer. Try sharing inspirational content by discussing successful figures related to the field of interest in your audience. You can also discuss your own success by borrowing a spokesman. Our point is, you need a third party that talks about your success. You can invite media to publish you. Or, if you don't have that access, use your customers who will certainly feel happy if they are asked for testimonials regarding your services / products. This also makes your old customers more loyal to you.

Create Leading Content in Popular Media Besides Your Own Blog

Well, you can also write articles on other media such as Medium, or in well-known forums that have many participants such as Kaskus. For example, you make a thread about business tips at Kaskus. On the content, try also to direct the reader to visit your blog or even direct them to a purchase when you comment when a forum participant asks where he can buy a particular product with good quality and low price. So use various types of channels, as much as possible but using soft marketing.

Create Content that Invites Interactions

This last tip is actually the most important. If your content is interesting, it doesn't produce much interaction. You need to rethink what's wrong. Is it not in accordance with the character of your buyer persona or indeed need support from other marketing strategies. You can read 10 Tips to Increase Customer Engagement from us.

By reading this article, you already know the exact strategy to make marketing your content / content marketing successful. Besides content marketing strategies, you can also learn emotional marketing strategies because they are often used by famous brands whose campaigns are successful. These tips are made specifically for you B2B entrepreneurs who want to succeed online. As a cheap hosting provider and Indonesian vps rental service that has been certified internationally, we are indeed committed to your success online. Also read various other informative articles on our blog related to business development in the digital era. Welcome to grow your business, good luck!