9 Ways to Make Your Website Content Clicked Many People

Ways to Make Your Website Content Clicked Many People

9 Ways to Make Your Website Content Clicked Many People | Over time and the times, making website content is not a difficult job. Many companies are built to provide convenience to those who want to have their own website. Want individuals or companies, all can get the website they want easily.

But the next question is whether the content on your website is interesting? Do other people want to open your website with the awareness to find good info and have a different point of view? That's what sometimes cannot be fulfilled by the content on your website.

But take it easy, below there are nine ways to make website content clickable by many people. You don't need to worry about the quality of content after reading these best ways.

Discuss events that are viral

The first type of content that you have to write on your website is a viral event. Whatever it is, wherever it is, as long as it's viral, you have to write it. Never miss this opportunity because when an event is viral, internet users will flock to search through search engines. By doing this, you can be sure your website traffic will increase by itself and you mean that you have used one event properly and correctly.

Active on the question and answer website

Ever heard the name of a website like Yahoo! Answer, Quora or Brainly? That is what is called the question and answer website. And you really can and should use this website model to increase your website traffic.

First, you can search for questions whose topics are related to your website. For example about personal finance. After you find the question, you can try to answer it with only half the information the alias is not answered in full. But at the end of your answer, paste the content link on your website so that people who see it will be tempted to click on that link.

Active on social media

Social media is not only used to place fun and spill the thoughts of the users. You can also use social media to increase your website traffic.

By creating a social media account, you can provide interesting content within that account so that you can build followers by themselves. If you need to provide giveaway so that the number of people who know your website increases sharply. You can choose the social media that is best for you. Can Twitter to spread information quickly, Instagram by providing interesting visual content or Facebook that can provide everything on one page. You don't need to choose one because you can combine everything so that the number of visitors to your website increases rapidly.

Connect with influencers

After having a social media account, don't forget the influencer role that is widely available on social media. You can use their services to increase your website visitors. Synchronize content with influencer profiles that you use to be in harmony and in line with what you want to display to the public.

Another advantage when using influencers is that you can choose the influencer that is right for you. Very many influencers are on social media. With various images that they bring, the number of followers to different rates. You just need to adjust to the needs and funds available so that the problem does not arise from the start.

Use a title that attracts attention

You must often see some online media using fantastic titles, right? It may seem strange when wearing, but remember your initial mission: get high traffic. And using a title that can attract the attention of internet users is one of the obligations.

For example, you discuss the topic of how to increase weight. Then the right title is '10 Ways to Raise Weight Easily'. With the word 'easy' in the title, readers will be interested in clicking on the article link and congratulations, you get traffic.

Use pictures

When you want to raise an article to a website, a feature is always provided to include images that go hand in hand with the article title. You must take advantage of that feature so that people are more interested in reading your article.

Especially when the article link is inserted into social media such as Facebook and Twitter, it will usually include images in the article so that people who see it are not reluctant to enter your website. So don't forget to use pictures. For the pictures themselves, you can search various websites that provide free images such as Pixabay, Pexels, Stock Up and StockSnap.

Fill in SEO friendly articles

By creating content that is SEO friendly (Search Engine Optimization), you will get help indirectly when people are looking for topics that you actually provide on your website.

But do not let you focus too much on SEO because when you are too eager to get an impact from using SEO, the articles that you have are usually considered unattractive because they are difficult to read. Excessive use of the same keywords will not be easily accepted in the mind of the reader as well as by Google itself because it can be considered as spam.


Ever heard the term newsjacking? Or even haven't heard it at all? Newsjacking is a way of presenting different content than others. When there is an event, another website will usually only report the event normally. There are no spices that are different from one another so it will feel boring and not interesting to read.

But with newsjacking, you can add different ideas, opinions or views from the event so that other people will feel that there is new information that they can get at the same time different from other websites. This is certainly very good to follow because it will differentiate your website from other websites on the internet.

Use the most appropriate keywords

When you want to create content about a topic, you don't make it right away. You can optimize the performance of your content by using the Google Keyword Planner (GKP).

There will be a variety of the most appropriate keywords to highlight your content in the search engine. For example, you want to write about ways to lose weight. You do not enter the sentence in the GKP and automatically output the keyword that is most appropriate for that topic. By choosing the keywords that are most searched for by people, your content can get a higher position in search engines.